An impressive selection of different shapes of mirrors and lighting accessories for your walls and bathrooms customized according to customers’ requirements, designs and site conditions.

Milio Glass offers a variety of creative sand blasting mirrors with different levels of customized engraved designs.

Mirrors can be lighted with LED strip light.

For additional safety, mirrors can be mounted on high quality MDF wooden backing.

Decorative combinations of mirrors, with different size varies from:

- Colored mirrors
- Decorative mirrors
- Framed mirrors
- Reflective mirrors
- Antique mirrors

Plain Bathroom Mirror

Providing a clean and contemporary look, Milio Glass offers a range of steam free heated mirrors.


Decorative Bathroom Mirror

EUsually used to improve the bathroom aesthetic appearance. Round, square, triangular, oval, hexagonal or asymmetric shapes and size can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

Wall mirror

Wall mirrors can be both, framed or frameless. They are versatile that you can move to bathroom or bedroom or any other room.



1. Antique

   - Antique mirror with dark speckles and metallic coating on the back of the glass that oxidizes over the years.

   - Mirror thickness varies from 4 to 6 cm- Maximum dimensions: 225 x 321 mm

   Can be used for interior walls, tabletops, backsplashes, furniture, etc.

2. Colored

    - Colored mirror is an alternative to traditional paint, available in different colors, green, bronze, gray, pink, yellow, red etc.

    Can be used for interior walls, tabletops, backsplashes, furniture, etc